episodes of the first and second 

Season 1Edit

episode 1:meet the p:a:o:s

episode 2:The wannabees

episode 3:Gonezezes army

episode 4:Andonuts vs proffeser

episode 5:3 dragon warriors

episode 6:Meet the poko family

episode 7:Mabels hero

episode 8:Gonezezes Tower

episode 9:Crocodile rock 

episode 10:DJS UNITE

episode 11: Pokos old love

episode 12:TBA

episode 13:TBA

episode 14:TBA

episode 15:TBA

episode 16:TBA

episode 17:TBA

episode 18:TBA

episode 19:TBA

episode: 20 :TBA

Season 2 Edit